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1914 - 1918 Remembrance

Eli Holland

Eli Holland

Rifleman 31058 - 1st Battalion
Monmouthshire Regiment

Enlisted: November 1914

Killed in Action 8th October 1918 : Aged 33


Huthwaite Online WW1 Remembrance

Rifleman 31058 Eli Holland was born 1885 Q1 in Blackwell. Parents 1879 Q4 marriage in Ireland between Mr George Holland from Belper and Miss Margaret Murphy from Cork comes from his military career and final regimental posting after fighting the Zulu and 1st Boer wars. Raising children in England where he locally worked mining coal, father eventually heads Huthwaite 1901 household aged 43. Mrs Margaret Holland 39, had sadly lost infants but mothered William 20 bn Ireland, Eli 15, Cloey 12 bn Skegby.   Rowland 7 and Luke 5 were born at their Blackwell Road address, before moving with parents into 1911 Club Yard.

Mr Eli Holland had left home before 1901 Yorkshire census located this 17 year old boarder in Rotherham driving underground pit ponies. Return to Skegby may relate last employment under Mr Warner as an Asphalt Labourer sharing 1911 Miners Arms Yard home with Miss Elizabeth Wilkes. Their January 1915 marriage must have been timely registered foreseeing shipment to France entering active service. Eli is later identified having fathered two sons named Eli Holland and John George Holland, recorded with their widowed mother living at 5 George Street, Huthwaite after her 1920 Q4 remarriage to Mr Thomas Wallace.

Voluntary November 1914 enlistment trained Pte 20563 Eli Holland initially with the Cheshire Regiment 16th Reserve Battalion. Entering active service in France through regimental transferal into South Wales Borders renumbered Pte 31058 Eli Holland. As news inferred acting rank of Corporal, that may realise necessity reposting other territorials into a Monmouthshire Regiment. Rifleman 31058 Eli Holland was ultimately killed in action 8th October 1918, aged 33. He was dutifully awarded and given roll of honour by the South Wales Borders, although the Imperial War Graves Commission offered remembrance alongside others from 1st Monmouthshire Battalion on nearby Sequehart cemetery memorial in France. His widowed wife then Mrs Elizabeth Wallace afforded touching personalised headstone inscription "IN EVER LOVING MEMORY OF MY DEAR HUSBAND".

Free Press 22nd November 1918.

Corporal E. Holland

(Mrs Holland), 5, George Street, Huthwaite, has received news that her husband, Corporal Eli Holland, was killed in action on October 8th. He enlisted in November, 1914, and was with the Monmouths. Formerly he worked for Mr. George Warner, Sutton. Mrs. Holland, who is left with two children, has received the following letter:-

In answer to your letter I regret to inform you that your husband was killed in action on October 8th. The Company were attacking an important trench near a village when your husband was hit by a German machine gun bullet and died instantaneously. He has been buried in the village near the church, and a cross with his name has been erected on his grave. Your husband always did his duty well, and he is very much missed by all his comrades. Please accept my deepest sympathy in your sorrow.

E Holland
E Holland

Mr Philip Holland in Sydney, Australia relayed extended living remembrance, relating brothers Eli Holland with Luke Holland being his great uncles given family listing and Great War Huthwaite roll of honour on the cenotaph World War One Memorial.

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