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1914 - 1918 Remembrance

TJ Gent

Thomas James Gent

Corporal 14056 - 2nd Battalion
Lincolnshire Regiment

Enlisted: Sutton September 1914

Killed in Action 1st July 1916 : Aged 28

Thiepval Memorial Pier and Face 1 C.

Huthwaite Online WW1 Remembrance

Corporal 14056 Thomas James Gent was born Q4 1887 in Hucknall Huthwaite. Parents circa 1883 marriage between Pinxton coal miner Mr John William Gent and Miss Sarah Ellen Mason from Kirton, Lincs, discovers move into 1891 Sherwood Street to raise a growing family attracted by New Hucknall Colliery inviting employment. Final short move into New Street holds fullest 1901 household headed by father 39. Mrs Sarah Ellen Gent 39, still mothers John William 16, Florence 14, Thomas James 13, Horace 11, Wiifred 9, Edith Ellen 2, Thersa 2.   Olia was one of two lost due infant mortality, before eighth child Edward b1909.

Mr Thomas James Gent began underground work at the Huthwaite colliery. Marriage 1908 Q1 with Miss Mabel Scothern from Kirkby-in-Ashfield leads to their own family address 11 Mill Street, Sutton, soon homing 1910 Yorkshire birth of daughter Mabel.

September 1914 Sutton enlistment initially numbered Pte 13795 J T Gent assigned a Leicestershire Regiment. Mobilisation June 1915 into the Western Front of France finds transferal into the 2nd Lincolnshire Regiment and promotion during active service to the recognised rank of Corporal 14056 Thomas James Gent.

Cpl 14056 Tom J Gent was killed in action alongside most other unrecovered army colleagues on first day infamously known as the Battle of the Somme on 1st July 1916, aged 28. Thiepval Memorial remembers catastrophic losses of those graveless souls. T J Gent was locally given roll of honour with family ties on the Huthwaite cenotaph, while widowed wife Mrs Mabel Gent did additionally assure listing on the Sutton Memorial. Mother and daughter received their soldiers effects addressed to Mrs Allsop living at 30 Short Street Sutton in Ashfield, following widows 1918 remarriage to Mr William Allsop.

Notts Free Press – 4th August 1916



News has been received of the death of corporal Thomas James Gent, of 17, Mill Street who was in the 2nd. Lincolnshire Regiment. Corporal Gent who formerly worked at the New Hucknall Colliery, enlisted in September, 1914, and left for the front in June, 1915. He was 28 years of age, and leaves a wife and one child.

Mrs. Gent received news of the sad loss in the following letter from the deceased’s officer :-

This letter would have been written earlier if I had not been continually moved from place to place since the sad event happened. I do not know whether you have yet been informed that your husband was killed in action near ------ on July 1st. if not I am very sorry to have to convey such sad news. The only consolation that I can offer is that he fell fighting bravely for his King and country. I have heard on all sides when we were discussing the battle how well he did. Company Sergeant Major Green, 2nd. Lincolns, British Expeditionary Force, would probably be able to find out more for you if you care to write to him. I will conclude by saying what a great grief it is to me personally. Ever since I took command of the Company I have noticed and highly valued his work as N.C.O.

T J Gent

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