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EVANS D.L.C. 36433

Huthwaite War Memorial

De Lacy Campbell Evans

Private 36433 - East Yorkshire Regiment
11th Battalion

Killed in Action Flanders 3rd May 1917 : Aged 28

Arras Memorial Bay 4 and 5

De Lacy Campbell is a name confirmed through Huthwaite birth and residence, although war records disclosed few other details about this Private Evans upon which to link any potential relationship with three other listed Evans. Age and named parents addressing Huthwaite Market Place comes from local press, which leads to suppose that Private D.L.C. Evans was the youngest of three serving brothers in different regiments. William was killed in 1916, and the delayed confirmation of De Lacy's death was received by family at the same time his cousin Thomas met his fate also among the Flanders fields.
  Descendants are since found offering personal tribute to Private Evans. They confirm that De Lacy Campbell was a son of Thomas Alfred Evans and Ellen French Smith, grocers of Hucknall Huthwaite, adding ancestral knowledge he was also a known great grandson of Stephen Evans and Martha Wilde.

Mansfield Reporter and Sutton Times – 29th. June 1917.
The Vicar of Huthwaite reported that he had made personal enquiries through Red Cross and St. John's regarding Private D.C. Evans (Market Place), 36433, 11th. E. Yorks, missing since May 3rd. There had been no news and he had not been noted on prisoner lists searched.
Mansfield Reporter and Sutton Times – 19th. Aug, 1918.
  Private de Lacy Campbell Evans (cousin to the above) has been "missing" since May last, and is now presumed killed. He was the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Evans, Market-place, and was 28 years of age. ....

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