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BUXTON H. 27381

Herbert Buxton

Herbert Buxton

Private 27381 - Sherwood Foresters
Notts Derby Regiment 17th Battalion

Died of Natural Cause 18th September 1915 : Aged 36


Herbert Buxton was born in Brampton, Derbyshire, but the collier had made Huthwaite his home wed to Sarah Rebecca. He enlisted at Mansfield with the Sherwood Foresters. Although his untimely death was from natural causes, and despite no official listing on the Huthwaite cemetery cenotaph where he was reportedly interred, as Private 27381 Herbert received full military honour and war grave recognition.

Notts. Free Press - 24th Sept. 1915


The tragic circumstances of the death of a private in the Welbeck Rangers, named Herbert Buxton, 36, who before enlistment was a collier, of Huthwaite, were investigated at Leen-side on Monday afternoon by the Deputy Coroner (Mr. F.W. Rothera).
  Second Lieut. R.G. Hopewell of the 17th Sherwood Foresters, said his battalion was stationed at Wollaton Park. Deceased who was in 'A' Company, had been witness's servant for eight days. On Saturday witness returned after lunch to his tent, and the deceased came in and commenced to clean the buttons on a tunic, at the same time chatting to a sergeant. When he had finished that tunic he asked witness if he wanted the buttons of another tunic cleaning. Witness said "Yes" and handed over the garment, and the man sat down on a chair, and commenced to clean the buttons, while witness turned his back, and was changing his boots. The next witness heard was a fall, and turning round he saw the deceased and the chair lying on the floor. Everything possible was done for the deceased, and the medical officer was sent for. Buxton, however, gave three muffled groans and died.
  Dr. W.G. Stewart said that when he arrived at the tent he found the deceased dead. As the result of a post-mortem examination witness found death to have been caused by the bursting of an aneurism of the aorta.
  Lieut. Walters, on behalf of Lieut. Colonel Hales and the officers of the 17th Battalion, expressed regret at the man's death, and sympathy with his relatives. The deceased was very much liked by the battalion. Second Lieut. Hopewell also expressed sympathy.
 A verdict of "Death from natural causes" was returned.
Notts. Free Press -

  With military honours the remains of Private Herbert Buxton, of Factory yard, were laid to rest in the Cemetery on Wednesday, the unusual spectacle drawing large crowds. The deceased soldier, who was 36 years old, belonged to the 17th Battalion Sherwood Foresters, 23,791. He died suddenly from heart failure in Wollaton Park, and leaves a widow and four children. The remains were brought home on Tuesday evening. The Rev. F.N. Beswick conducted the last rites at the funeral, a service in church preceding the interment. The deceased belonged to 'A' Company, Welbeck Rangers, which furnished a bearer party and guard of honour under Sergt. Gretton and Second Lieutenant Walters, who represented the battalion. The coffin, covered with wreaths, was borne on the shoulders of his comrades to the Cemetery. The family mourners were:- Widow, Arthur Dallas, Charles and Ivy (sons and daughters); Mr. Samuel Buxton and Private Charles Buxton (brothers); Private Buxton attended in Khaki having come from Watford for the occasion; Mrs. C. Merry and Mrs. L. Slater (Chesterfield) sisters (the latter's husband was killed at the front about six months ago); Mrs. M. Shaw, Mrs. A. Wall, Mrs. E. Buckley (Sutton) sisters-in-law; Mrs. J. Hayes (Sutton); Miss L. Buxton and Masters W. and S. Buxton (Huthwaite), nieces and nephews. Mrs. S. Buxton (sister-in-law) was prevented from attending by illness. A number of deceased Lodge comrades also followed.

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