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Adlington W. 241308

William Adlington

William Adlington

Corporal 241308 - 2nd/5th Battalion
York and Lancaster Regiment

Date of Death: 3rd May 1917 : Aged 26

Arras Memorial - France, Bay 8.

In light of a family tree website, William now appears claiming rightful place on the Huthwaite memorial. William was born 11 Oct 1890 at Sutton-in-Ashfield, the second son of five children resulting from Dec 1888 marriage at Mansfield between George Burton Adlington and Adah Gelsthorpe. After family moves between Mansfield and Worksop, they reclaimed closest ties held within Hucknall-under-Huthwaite.

William Adlington
From the Family Tree Website

There's little record of William's short life at home, but his parental ties within Huthwaite are assured. Father was christened George Burton Adlington in the Hucknall Huthwaite school room. His 1908 death on Sutton Road is similarly last address for his father. Mother Adah was born here and living with Gelsthorpe parents at Factory Yard, where at age 14 herself given occupation of Seamer.
A Mansfield wedding in December 1888 between George and Adah bore five children. They lost youngest infant named George, born 1901 in Mansfield, but then seem relocated in Huthwaite, raising two elder sons alongside two daughters in named order provided for Arthur, William, Florence and Mary.
Their ancestral homes also appear to include given Huthwaite addresses on Station Road and Mill Cottages.

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