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When first presenting Huthwaite Online back in year 2000, majority of people still scoffed any ideas of ever needing use of a personal computer, let alone affording internet access. Well, technology rapidly advanced into a new era of social media. Choice between faster home broadband and smart phones added an array of mobiles devices linking all generations into finding a myriad of information through the world wide web.

The simple quest continues to gather, preserve and future display the largest collection of photographs and memorabilia depicting Huthwaite developments, plus the folk involved. This has certainly been assisted by the internet, which similarly boosts availability of genealogy records. Portraying any of your ancestral family members known to have witnessed those changing times, may indeed attract other distanced relations.

Grateful acknowledgement is given everyone able to supply images or smallest snippets of information concerning Huthwaite. Everything received helps collate or expand historic knowledge. There are inevitable delays before finally incorporating material into existing or newer grouped subjects, so a preview gallery offers reference and further acknowledges named donators when collectively showing family albums.

Miners ArmsMr Mellors in Newton shares his wifes family photo coming from her cousin Terry Stone. This shows the past Miners Arms fronted by their great grandparents dating from when Isaiah Pritchford held licencee for 20 years since 1912. Living descendats may hopefully wish to share a related album revealing Huthwaite ties between other notable names

From far and wide comes some examples of memorabilia discovered by unrelated readers.   Thankyou all

Huthwaite Remembrance

Mrs Nicol Dale is an antiquarian book dealer in Wales, who found these three silk memorial ribbons in a book titled Light in the Dwelling by Favell Lee Mortimer. A front page inscription by Rev J W Hutchinson has unfortunately become unreadable, whereas the pages have preserved these printed silk ribbons remarkably so clearly showing memoriam to some well known Huthwaite residents.

These book markers appear to have once been a traditional method for educated families to remember their loved ones.

Mr Bernd Frost discloses how his home in Canada grandly displays one well remembered piece of recent Huthwaite history. The pub sign lastly seen fronting The Portland Arms up until 2000 demolition, portrays our former Lord of the Manor titled the 6th Duke of Portland. Some enterprising dealer had shipped this artwork abroad for resale, where Mr Frost agreed it seemed aptly relocated for hanging above his barn. The Duke is thus shown given a new lease of life when overlooking this home address in Portland, Canada.Portland BarnPortland Sign

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