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Whitsuntide parades used to better Christmas, by affording practical gifts of new Sunday best clothing to be proudly shown off after introducing Whit walks to the Sutton-in-Ashfield district on June 10th 1851. All the Sunday Schools joined up in the Independent Chapel, before this growing Branch Union ended Whit Tuesday by gathering together upon the Sutton market place from 1860.

First Huthwaite chapel to begin Whit Monday walks around this village was founded by Eleazor Boot. Councillor Alfred Wilson first set a 1933 record from their Sutton Road Wesleyan Church after making 63 annual appearances. Joined by all other Methodists following their proudly displayed banners, the Sherwood Street church significantly extended the line of marchers. At least one brass band headed these processions through crowd lined streets until all eventually met up for a Market Place gathering. The later opened parish church was not to be outdone. They began separate Whit Tuesday walks around Huthwaite, rattling collection tins to help boost church funds beyond reported 1933 description of an impressively displayed uniformed choir and cross bearers.

New St1958
WilbournesMarket Street Blackwell RdBlackwell Rd aunty-pam1946 Sutton RoadNew Street1970s1970s

Main St Main St Main St Unwin StSutton Rd
Main St Main St Sutton Rd 1970s FB288 Sutton Rd Portland

Just two Huthwaite churches remain to keep up their Whitsuntide parades. The traditional ceremony no longer attracts much public interest, except perhaps from frustrated motorists who find the main through route along Sutton Road blocked off. Marchers return from that village extremity to presumably conduct their own church service. Cubs and Scouts largely made up the number of younger representatives when lastly shown sighted in 2005.


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