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Market Place Venues

Developing an 18th century Hucknall Green into residential Ellispool left grounds addressing a Market Place. A few barrow sellers had sold wares, although descriptive occasional use better suited a Village Square. This open area became a central core surrounded by broader village expansion, to primarily venue larger annual public gatherings. Siting fair booths brought by a travelling circus greatly added holiday excitement.

Market Fair

Regular 1932 bus use as a turning circle no longer had problems with the Market Place pooling water. But it did get occasionally flooded by public meetings, including 1930s spectacular three day carnival events.

1933 Crowning

Assembling crowds celebrating end a Boer War was on a formerly named Hucknall Huthwaite Market Place. Some distinguished Huthwaite veterans were then called to fight The Great War. Photos covering welcome end of an actual Second World War dates this party Aug 18th 1945 fronting the original Ellispool properties.


Memories given when open ground drilled WW army recruits might recognise past rallying point concerning local industrial disputes or making public announcements, while throwing in the odd brass band concert.

Inviting biggest annual congregations was the ceremonial conclusion of hugely popular Whit Walks. A smartly suited young Malcolm Clarkson stands front, aside Iris Fidler and Lily Elliott taking centre stage for 1939 Wesleyan members of the Sutton Road Methodists. Traditional walk around has long continued, although a similar 1953 crowded scene joining involved churches gradually witnessed declining 1960s attendance.

19391953 Whit MondayMarket Band

Losing all practical use made way for 1970s layout discouraging all pedestrians by prioritising demands for a car park. It did however, offer room when need came for introducing a recycling centre, while a small raised garden feature had actually founded the latest Christmas tradition inviting a small church based gathering.

2011 Tree11120501

Through a recognised Huthwaite and Brierley Ward, Ashfield District Council have annually erected a December tree traditionally decorated for Christmas. Size, shape and lighting can greatly vary without matching finest 2011 example. Church members still invite a small carol service, creating a ceremonious happy occasion for youngsters witnessing Huthwaite lights being switched on.


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