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Huthwaite Market Place Meetings

An open area initially described 'The Pool' formed our Market Place. Barrowed sellers did offer wares, but it became largely favoured for centrally hosting public venues. Siting an early travelling circus first brought exciting and mind boggling attractions, though it was mainly Whit Walkers who finally assembled here.

fair 1939

Annual Whit Walks congregated upon the open Market Place flooding it again, but in those times with great residential popularity. From 1939 a smartly suited young Malcolm Clarkson stands front, aside Iris Fidler and Lily Elliott taking centre stage as members of Sutton Road Methodists. Similar crowded scenes dated 1953 by Mrs Eileen Wallace can also reveal other past properties, like those fronting Pudding Bag Yard.

dewa1953.jpg 118

Boer War celebrations were reportedly held upon Hucknall Huthwaite Market Place. Barely 45 year later came more welcoming news upon ending a Second World War, when a party scene dated Aug 18th 1945 by Mrs Agnes Brooks fronted her childhood home cornering a formerly named Ellispool. Replaced by newer housing adjacent original Market Place addressed terracing, they now face a car park enclosure still inviting a smaller annual festive gathering beneath a lit Christmas Tree provided by Ashfield Council.

2011 1945

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