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Market Place Venues

A central open area was initially described as 'The Pool' long before addressing Huthwaite Market Place. A few barrow sellers had sold wares, but it became largely favoured for simply hosting larger public venues, such as fairs brought by a travelling circus.

Market Fair

Water no longer pooled on the modern market place which served as the Huthwaite bus terminal, but it did get annually flooded by a congregation of Whit walkers. A smartly suited young Malcolm Clarkson here stands front in 1939, aside Iris Fidler and Lily Elliott taking centre stage as Wesleyan members of the Sutton Road Methodists.


A crowded 1953 scene reveals more past properties in background, whereas a brass band presents occasional public concert use.

1953 Whit MondayMarket Band

Boer War celebrations were held upon a then named Hucknall Huthwaite Market Place. Barely 45 year later came more welcoming news actually ending a Second World War dating this party Aug 18th 1945 fronting original corner properties known upon Ellispool.

1945 xmas 2011

A modernised public car park enclosure restricted any futher gatherings. It did however, feature a small raised garden for Ashfield District Council to annually plant a festively decorated Christmas tree. Size, shape and lighting varied greatly through each year, without coming close to matching this finest 2011 example, although they all still invite a small carol service by church members.

22 Nov 11     by Gary Elliott       Updated 10 Jun 19