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Tesco 2011 Opening

June 2011 opening of a Huthwaite Tesco Express store resulted from the closure of the Workpeoples Inn. Despite a major brewery refurbishment, the Workies was another inevitable historic loss following a national slump in the pub trade. The premises holding original Chesterfield Road entry addressing was securely boarded up soon after its final October 2010 closure.

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A large plot with car park in prime central position facing Main Street and cornering the Market Place didn't take long to sell. March 2011 enclosure first indicated some future business use, before welcoming news it aimed to add a competitive convenience store.

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Work site safety may well account for the barriers hiding swiftest transformation of a public house into an off-licensed convenience shop. Addition of a glass fronted extension would soon after invite entry into a slightly expanded floor space fully revealed by June.


Friday opening for the Huthwaite Tesco Express would be dated on 10th June 2011. That revealed introduction of self service tills before they became commonly adopted within most larger town superstores. Local customer interest was more attracted however, upon finding a good range of very competitively priced goods in comparison to a well established nearby alternative food store. 11062112

21 Jun 19     by Gary Elliott       Updated 21 Jun 19