The Workies Funday 2003

Saturday 7th June 2003

A fund raising Funday organised between members of Huthwaite Community Action Group and All Saints church was held on 7th June 2003, helping eventually replace the village hall which was destroyed by fire October 2002.   Hosted by Helen, then landlady of the recently refurbished Workpeoples Inn, it proved being a memorable occasion, attracting and greatly enjoyed among the wider community.
36070918 Mastering my latest digital camera, (the costly 2megapixel lol) recording these images helps recall that glorious hot Saturday afternoon out on the large car park.   View above off Chesterfield Road shows variety of activities that began attracting many passing visitors throughout a busy day.   Below off Main Street frontage of the Workpeoples Inn, showing impressive results of a full refurbishment by Mansfield brewery.

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Realising these personal shots may not portray fullest attendance, they were informally taken still exploring new full potential camera use.   360709210009 An invite by John Brealey offered opportunity here to share local display of my earlier Huthwaite Online work, alongside his and wifes Joy further involvement among Huthwaite Community Action Group.

After such length of time (or perhaps effect of too much beer) it seems unclear who or what exactly fired need utilising ye olde stocks. 0012   A wooden instrument of shame stood, perhaps as precaution for controlling drunken behaviour, but was ready when someone allegedly claimed finding an empty tube of super glue hidden behind this coconut shy.

One victim became shackled to receive a vicious barrage from heavily wetted sponges. Crowds then aimed at female staff, who in turn were placed in the stocks to face a drenching, flung without mercy by young children.   Dampening any worse intents, the damage only cost hair styles and ironing, having sportingly sponsored fund raising.


Written 15 Dec 04 Revised 14 Nov 11 © by Gary Elliott