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Workies Funday 2003

Saturday 7th June 2003 dates a fund raising Funday, organised between members of Huthwaite Community Action Group and All Saints church, helping towards eventually replacing the village hall which was destroyed by fire October 2002.   Well hosted by Helen, then landlady of the recently refurbished Workpeoples Inn, it proved to be a very enjoyable most memorable occasion.


Recording that glorious hot Saturday afternoon out on the large car park shows variety of activities that began attracting many visitors throughout a busy day.   And Main Street frontage of the Workpeoples Inn gives good first impression for an entire internal pub refurbishment that had been tastefully completed earlier that year by Mansfield brewery.03060706


Informally taken shots don't portray fullest attendance, because opportunity was taken here to set up my own PC to locally share display of an early Huthwaite Online website. Not many people yet had internet access, especially interested elder residents.


Through too much sun, or perhaps good beer, it seemed unclear who or what exactly fired need utilising ye olde stocks.   That wooden instrument of shame stood ready as a precaution for controlling any drunken behaviour, but may have been put to use when someone allegedly claimed finding an empty tube of super glue hidden behind this coconut shy.   Shackling victims to receive a vicious barrage from heavily wetted sponges, they ended up being flung without mercy by young children aiming at female staff placed in stocks to face a drenching.   Dampening any worse intents, the only damage was cost of hair styles, having lightheartedly managed to sportingly sponsor another fund raising activity upon which to end this days events.


15 Dec 04     by Gary Elliott       Updated 14 Nov 11