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Church Hall Fire

All Saints Church HallHuthwaite All Saints Church Hall became the focus of unwelcome attention on a Friday afternoon, when 4th October 2002 sighted smoke billowing from the wooden building after 40 years of community use.

200202 Oct 2002

Fire crews fought and did stop flames from further spreading to nearby properties, but the timbered structure of All Saints church hall was clearly left destroyed by this latest local firebug.

The blaze appeared connected with an 11 year old, since released from arrest on bail. One angry fire fighter from the scene reportedly expressed his disgust at this senseless incidence.   That was a view similarly shared by many sickened residents and church members, especially when full extent of the damage later became revealed.


Church leaders are facing wait for an insurance claim assessment, believed to run into thousands of pounds. That will follow results of a full investigation to determine what sparked off this fire.

Reverend Charlie Maiden is quoted telling Ashfield Chad reporter, "We are obviously totally devastated.   The hall is used nearly every hour of the week and used by every age group from toddlers to pensioners..."   Rev Maiden notably added, "There are also lots of people who have memories attached to it...."   Reportage by Richard Hooton, Ashfield Chad 10th Oct.

Resulting Damage 27Nov200212Dec2002

Resulting damage clearly left no alternative other than full demolition. Spanning total site clearance took just a few weeks work through November, before exposing a flattened December plot.


12 Oct 02     by Gary Elliott       Updated 28 Dec 02