Donated by Mick O'Sullivan

Extensive gallery album from camera of resident and retired collier Mr O'Sullivan helps others recall times employed upon modernised yards of New Hucknall Colliery. Taken between final years of 1980 to 1982 these are just a glimpse before revealing lost NCB pit yard activities prior and during site demolition.

82730009.jpg 80mos034.jpg 82730006.jpg 82730012.jpg 82901025.jpg 80mos035.jpg 82901021.jpg 80mos013.jpg 82730023.jpg 80mos020.jpg 80mos036.jpg 80mos014.jpg 80mos012.jpg 80mos031.jpg 80mos024.jpg 82730014.jpg 80mos003.jpg 82901023.jpg 80mos021.jpg 82730015.jpg 82730011.jpg 80mos030.jpg 82901024.jpg 82730016.jpg 80mos022.jpg 82730008.jpg 82730020.jpg 82730018.jpg 80mos032.jpg 80mos039.jpg 82730022.jpg 80mos037.jpg 80mos023.jpg 82730010.jpg 82730021.jpg 80mos002.jpg 82730017.jpg 80mos001.jpg 80mos038.jpg 80mos004.jpg 80mos033.jpg 82901022.jpg 80mos025.jpg

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