Mr Mike Smith

Mike was born and raised amongst closely neighbouring relatives on George Street. This firstly enables him to give good examples of how its later Sutton addressing long puzzled even residents. Despite parish or town boundary changes more confusingly dividing it after needing to correct one relatives 1911 census entry, many continued, and some still do regard their east borderline is better addressed within Huthwaite.

Mr Smith moved oversees and enjoys retirement studying genealogy. This opens up interesting Huthwaite ties branching from his Beresford grand parents. Notably including Vardy and Betts surnames may present topics also meriting separate expansion after previewing this family album based among George Street.

Four Sherwood Foresters prepared for the Great War includes Arthur Beresford. A returning veteran to George Street, which housed the 1920's gang of kids. A street party in rear yard of Mr Naylor and Mr Peters dates welcomed end of a second world war neighbourly celebrating VE Day. One Italian PoW worked on grandfathers nearby allotment, sighting behind the Brierley Hill Colliery tip connecting family employment.

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