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© Mr David Smith

Mr Smith will be well remembered as one of the teachers educating Huthwaite seniors at the past Barker Street Secondary School. David can therefore offer a personal reminder of his annually staged plays artistically assisted by Miss Clemment. The titled subject for 1976 was rather aptly "The Way We Were." when David Townsend and myself narrated scenes in our final year.

Way We Were1976

David shared detailed photos from studying his families genealogy. Retaining notes until able to separately feature his researched coverage among the newly designed website layout, leaves this Preview Album open to invite any further photos for referencing.

New Hucknall

The opening of New Hucknall Colliery enticed many families to Huthwaite. An early and uniquely angled view across that pit yard comes however, from related interests held in Sutton. The foot path taken off Alfreton Road passed the originally sited Mapplewells Inn. That and another past pub called Old Trooper, would both be run by grandfather Pearson Smith.

Displaying just one subsequent line of sons firstly introduces Great Great Grandfather Joseph Smith. A son George Ashley, born c1852 in Lincolnshire is recognised for leading this ancestral family into Huthwaite.

JosephGeorge AshleyPearsonDonald
  1891  Notts. Huthwaite -  11 Windmill Cottages
George Smith HOH 38 Coal Miner South Witham
Elizabeth Smith wife 39 Heanor
Joseph Smith son 17 Coal Miner Codnor
Pearson Smith son 13 Coal Miner Codnor
Ashley Smith son 11 Scholar Codnor
Minnie Smith dau 9 Scholar Codnor
Agnes Smith dau 6 Scholar Codnor
Nelly Smith dau 4 Scholar Huthwaite
Martha Smith dau 2 Huthwaite
Digby Smith son 1 Huthwaite
Smith FamilyHinks

George Ashley Smith is identified by 1891 Hucknall Huthwaite census originating from South Witham. Via some years in Codnor, and through marriage to Miss Elizabeth Halston of Heanor, they complete a listed family after taking residence at 11 Windmill Cottages. All are photographed marking their 1896 Silver Wedding. Reportedly celebrating a golden anniversary discloses how George came to Huthwaite 37 years ago as one of the first men engaged in early development of the deep seams of New Hucknall Colliery.

George Smith sits centre of this group of pit Deputy's on one of their annual outings into Derbyshire. Wife Elizabeth died 19 March 1923 aged 72. Both are buried in Huthwaite cemetery, George having died 28 Dec 1926 aged 75. Free Press obituary notes former role of under manager at New Hucknall pit. This was what similarly invited the Hinks family into Huthwaite, named among related mourners and led by the photographed Thomas Hinks.

The 1891 census identifies second son Pearson also a coal miner aged 13 years. Presumably he joined his father and elder brother at work in the New Hucknall pit. Pearson would later be recognised for running two Sutton pubs, and the older "Map" Inn was birthplace for his son Donald Smith, who in turn would father David himself.

Youngest child named Digby Smith may still offer a lasting link in Huthwaite. His daughter Nellie wed into the Bramley family. Three of their children all attended Barker Street school, and David, Colin or Susan Bramley may still live locally, so could hopefully perhaps wish to share any further family interest.

29 Mar 13     by Gary Elliott       Updated 26 Nov 18