Mrs Mary Seagrave

A Huthwaite resident with colourful memories of being raised here as an adopted daughter of Hettie Stone. Family album magnificently reveals Hetties well remembered hairdressing salon, dating back to when one earlier Huthwaite Post Office once stood adjacent upon Sutton Road. Neighbouring childhood friends are from families once resident upon New Fall Street among oldest formerly sited terraced blocks. Widely still known as Mary Stone following a long past marriage, her quest now is tracing back original Mcgurk roots, while hopefully becoming helpful collecting more photos from other villager friends.

Hettie StoneNew Fall Street gang

The happy looking New Fall Street gang above from around 1950 are named where possible as
Backrow:- ???, Della Keeling, Maureen Griffin, Malcolm Keeling, Derek Bowmer.
Frontrow:- Ellen Mansell, Edwin Allen, Mary Stone, Alan Keeling, Jean Vardy, ???, Harran Head

An undated Huthwaite bowls team proudly show off trophies upon their Welfare park match grounds. Mr Bradreth is recalled for his time as Park Caretaker, also proudly maintaining the flowering footpath borders. The Huthwaite Football Club photos date from 1904 with Huthwaite United fronting the White Swan 1913.

1904 Football Club Welfare Bowling Team1912-13 Huthwaite United FC

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