Mr Dave Phillips


Mr Phillips began work at the CWS hosiery factory, where his father operated one of the huge machines they can identify used through dated takeover by The Hosiery Mills Company.

A locally termed New Bridge offered good vantage point for watching locomotives along a Great Central railway, and fetching coal wagons from New Hucknall Colliery sidings. Fond memories led to collecting the associated wagon plate and signboard, adding to a circa 1950s photo of the Bedford two ton tipper truck that made local deliveries in two tone blue livery. And furthermore, Dave currently runs a small haulage business, very proudly named New Hucknall Freight.

New Hucknall Colliery Codph02 dph07Signal Box dph04Four Arches Free Press 1977

Huthwaite residents will likely best recall the Four Arches shown above, although this appears just one railway bridge in Fulwood once loved by train spotters.
A 1977 Free Press column written by past councillor David Ayres gave a romantic look back to when a New Bridge offered South Normanton miners a safe foot path to the New Hucknall Colliery. In light of proposals for laying a High Speed line, Dave Phillips has written an updated history, adding his own fond memories.

dph05dph06 MallardNew Bridge
New Bridge Gonedph13

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