Mrs Mary Magee

By coincidence Miss Rutter was raised among Main Street terraces addressing the flat conversions where I presently reside, while revealing our Huthwaite families share marital ties. Her grandparents William and Florence Rutter ran the Shoulder of Mutton pub when their daughter Kathleen (Vera) married Ronald Elliott my grandfathers brother. Grandparents on her mothers side unfortunately did not fair so well here.

Marriage between Miss Frances Reddington to William Henry Bingham, of Newton, Blackwell, was held at the Huthwaite Parish Church 19th February 1921. Sadly their first son William Henry who was born later that year when living in Pit Row, died aged two. But with older sister and brother named, Louise born 1925, Laurence born 1927, Mary Bingham was born 1929 also in Huthwaite at the new family address of 27 Blackwell Road. She still recalls her first day at Common Road school, or rather a mistakenly timed walk home upon hearing the playtime bell ring. Neighbourly fed a jam sandwich by Ernie Stubbings, he kindly sent her off back into the school yard before being missed by any teachers.

Loss of their mother on Christmas day 1933 would certainly prove an anxious time. But just two days before Mary's 12th birthday their father also passed away at home leaving three orphaned children. Assisted by their paternal Bingham grandparents, each child was then given choice of an adopted home between close relatives. Louise stayed with her gran, Laurence with his dads sister Kate and her husband William Sales.

BinghamMary Bingham chose to live with her dads other sister Hannah, whom having married William Underwood already had a daughter named Marjorie. The family tree diversifies, but it was Mary who in 1949 wed William Rutter at the Huthwaite Parish Church. Their daughter and donator also named Mary was born at 39 Cross Lane. Along with elder sister Misses Sandra and Mary Rutter are shown playing on the rear yard off Main Street, where the family continued sharing lodgings with one of her dads married sisters Mrs. Maisie Shelton.

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