Donated by Mr Alexander Fisher

Thanking Alex Fisher sending in the photo of a New Hucknall Colliery train, he uncovered some fascinating connections from Westhouses.   Secretary of their Residents Action Group they have some keen railway enthuasiasts. Revealing their busy railway sheds actually tracks down Huthwaites pit trains.

A map backs up claim there had been proposed plans extending these village coal distribution lines with direct links into Sutton and through our Whiteborough passenger station.   Learning of such historic industrious relations, giving chance someone could eventually detail when Huthwaite gained its past railways brings additional delight sharing any more Westhouses rail scenes.


Steam engines powered the industrial revolution before inviting new passenger transport. The magnificent locomotive shown fronting its sheds probably represents one of the first machines once smoking paths through Hucknall Huthwaite.   Overlooking large Westhouses sheds reveals where they housed and maintained all local coal trains, shown tracking connections into New Hucknall colliery yards.

New Hucknall Signal BoxSignal Box DestroyedAlexander adds these marvellous views showing firstly the working New Hucknall Colliery signal box upon Common Road. Destroyed by youthful pranksters left the key somewhat redundant prior that pits closure.

New Hucknall keySutton CollierySighting a Sutton Colliery Signal Box offers a Huthwaite reminder, when losing its last rail links after 1989 closure of the Brierley Pit.

Written 19 Mar 05 Revised 03 Mar 09 © by Gary Elliott