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Born 1914 and a Great Grandmother of numerous times. When aged 96 Mrs Dora Elliott decided to take life easier by moving into residential care. After 73 years, my Grans attic expands our family album, revealing her lesser mentioned Brotherhood parentage, prior joining our modest Elliott surname among Huthwaite.


Top row reveals the Brotherhood family starting with Isaac and Hannah parenting five children. Their eldest daughter Florence became betrothed to Private 16053 Joseph Thompson just before WWI enlistment. His 1916 death meant their resulting daughter, Dora my Gran, never knowing her father shown above, and with an estranged mother, her grand parents provided closest family ties before eventually coming to Huthwaite.

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Holding residential work on Hall Farm, Sookholme, Dora later began cycling into Huthwaite visiting her mother then housed on Bonser Crescent. Here she met her future husband Charles, who with two brothers Ron and Joe, were brought from Pinxton into Huthwaite by mining parents William and Ellen Elliott.

ElliottElliottElliott 1951 AuctionsHopkins Estate

Photographed stood upon their rear gardens catches sight of former farm, plus cottages decaying upon corner top of Common Road.

My grandfather Charlie finished Blackwell Rd school aged 14, following his father working at New Hucknall Colliery. When newly wed, they similarly rented their soon to be family home adjacent my great grand parents.

A 1951 booklet with surveyors plans details full estate of a late Thomas Hopkins when publically auctioned at the Peacock Hotel. This gave rare opportunity purchasing both properties, while raising my father with two sisters, namely Roy, Ann and Kay Elliott.


Family holidays favoured Butlins and Skegness, after using one of the first static caravans in Ingoldmells.ElliottElliottElliott

A small book by Rev. G. W. Clitheroe recounts Coventry air raids, while his sons made daily travels studying, two of whom began practices in Huthwaite. Dr John Clitheroe delivered my 1959 home birth, Dr Donald kept a surgery.

cofClitheroeDr Donald ClitheroeDr John Clitheroe

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