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© Mrs Dora Elliott RIP

Mrs Dora Elliott was my Grandmother whom, from 1914 birth, also become a Great Grandmother of numerous times. Reaching the age of 96 was when Dora eventually decided to take life easier by moving into residential care. Clearing out Grans 73 year old attic thus expands our family album, revealing her lesser mentioned Brotherhood parentage, prior joining our modest Elliott surname.


Showing a Brotherhood line begins with Isaac and Hannah parenting five children. It's their eldest daughter Florence who became betrothed to Pte 16053 J Thompson just before WWI enlistment. Joseph was killed in 1916, so their resulting daughter Dora, never knew a father. Grand parents provided closest family until her estranged mother made Huthwaite her own home.


Holding residential work on Hall Farm, Sookholme, Dora later cycled daily into Huthwaite visiting her mother then housed on Bonser Crescent. Here she met her future husband Charles Elliott.

Mining parents from Pinxton, William and Ellen introduce our Elliott surname into Huthwaite, where they raised three sons named Charlie, Ron and Joe. Stood on their rear Blackwell Road gardens incidentally reveals old cottages top corner Common Rd where Florence first came to live from Sutton.

ElliottElliottElliott 1951 AuctionsHopkins Estate

My wedded Grandparents Charlie and Dora typically rented the house neighbouring his own parents. However, a 1951 booklet detailing full estate of a late Thomas Hopkins for public auction at the Peacock Hotel offered rare opportunity to purchase both properties, where my father with two sisters, namely Roy, Ann and Kay Elliott were all raised.


Family holidays usually favoured Butlins camp, but often made use of Skegness caravan parks after one of the first static caravans in Ingoldmells was owned by a relation.


Album contains a small booklet written by Rev. G. W. Clitheroe recounting Coventry air raids, when sons made daily travels studying for their doctorates. Two began practices here. Dr Donald Clitheroe kept up a longer surgery beyond Dr John Clitheroe delivering my 1959 home birth when he still lodged at the White Hart Inn.

cofClitheroeDr Donald ClitheroeDr John Clitheroe

12 Feb 10     by Gary Elliott       Updated 08 Nov 11