Mr R & Mrs B Cornwell

Mr Roy Cornwell met his Huthwaite born wife Miss Betty Hancock after being offered a better trainee post as a Painter and Decorator employed by Gunby's. Mrs Cornwell would herself work at Grooms's factory, when its owner eventually offered Roy a professionally skilled self employed position maintaining very high standard.

Their shared album does however show some very unique memorabilia all following Betty's family line. Here begins with Elliott grandparentage schooled at the first Hucknall Huthwaite Church National School, and later notes a related Joseph Elliott holding Secretary post involving a Sutton Church and Friendly Society. Marriage into the Hancock surname led to parents setting up home, actually constructed from joining up two railway carriages obtained from the former Whiteborough Station. Sited on Chesterfield Road addressing No.95 is where they proudly managed to fully raise their three children named Edna, Gordon and of course Betty.

1885 1867 Blackboard
1886 1885
1885 Tables 1887
1975 Uncle Railway Carriages Address 1915 Sutton 1915 Sutton Chairman

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