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Mrs Agnes M Brooks RIP

Honoured to meet Mrs Brooks, who began her full life in Huthwaite on 5th July 1910. This daughter of Thomas and Agnes Hill was fully named Agnes Marjorie Hill. Recalling her parents property known as Ellispool, its large back yard once long cornered Huthwaite Market Place. Date backing her own photograph confirms this Victory Party celebration here on Aug 18th 1945.

Brooks 1934-1994VE day 1945 Her marriage with Francis Alfred Brooks took place at All Saints Church, Huthwaite, on the 3rd, November 1934.   Adjacent press clipping shows the couple, but 60 years later when happily celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary.   A proud event itself, worthy of 1994 local papers reportage.

Then it became revealed how remarkably this rare family achievement had already been claimed by known relatives three times before. Family research had thus already been begun by Gordon Sugg before he with wife Gwendaline added their own 2002 diamond wedding.

Appearing as a fifth family couple celebrating momentous occasion, these were proved setting a reported Guiness Book World Record. Uniquely all descended from the same Hill couple, shown spanning four generations. The record did not stop there however. This 2002 article claimed attention of Mr Roy Whittaker, whom Huthwaite Online can firstly thank for sending a transcription of the first well reported 1913 Huthwaite anniversary. Six diamond weddings then became proved, updating an impressive new Guiness Book certified World Record by 2004.

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03 Feb 05     by Gary Elliott       Updated 03 Mar 09