Mavis and Dennis Bower

Delighted to present and preserve these portraits with permission of Mr and Mrs Bower. Sarah AllsopFred Hallam A glimpse into their ancestral relations, associates the Huthwaite family names of Allsop, Hallam, Carrington and Nunn.

This couple firstly shows a Miss Sarah Allsop. Born 1888 at 38 Newcastle Street. She wed Frederick Hallam 1906 at All Saints Church, Huthwaite. They first resided in Pudding Bag Yard before moving into Bonser Crescent.

Sarahs nieceUnidentified

The donors would appreciation if anyone can add any further knowledge about the following relatives. Florrie was a niece of Sarah Hallam, and the unnamed fellow could also be a related Hallam.

Revealed below is Miss Eliza Ann Hallam, who, shown as Mrs Carrington is addressed outside 37 Club Yard. Happily wed in fashionable attire outside All Saints Church doorway are Jack and Mrs Gladys Nunn. The young Mavis Carrington is herself shown sitting between mother Mrs Carrington and the related Mrs Nunn.

nee HallamNunn WeddingCarrington and Nunn
mourning cards

One of three mourning cards reflecting on dated deaths of more family members. Typed details may raise new genealogy interests, reading off interred dates at Hucknall Huthwaite Cemetery.

Esther Murphy - Aged 16 - 13 Oct 1896
Daughter of Charles and Mary Murphy
Charles Hallam - Aged 64 - 22 Nov 1900
Ann Hallam - Aged 67 - 02 Jun 1908

Names are provided for the following groups dating a few years prior my 1959 birth. I'm rather pleased to recognise Mrs Yates and the room inside a past Miners Arms public house, recalling our longest known licensee when serving some 30 years later. Flowers

Presentation to unrelated Roy Elliott reveals a former local councillor who simply shared my fathers name. Landlord Baron Yates wears a distinguishing bow tie, stood left beside the central figure of Bill Hallam who interests this family gallery. One unidentified gentlemen is stood on the right of landlady Edith Yates.

Hosted also in the Miners Arms this flower show relates gardening remained a popular 1950's pastime finding keen competition. Most are identified naming a Joe Rogers, John (Pommer) Thompson of Woodland Avenue, Mr and Mrs Yates, Bill Hallam, Bill Hickingbottom, Noel Carrington.


Thought to be Huthwaite Trinity FC dated circa 1904, but could actually represent Huthwaite West End FC. Research has uncovered how both teams played on the Blenheim Grounds off Little Lane. In front row Jim (Griff) Griffiths second left, plus Fred Hallam far right. Studio photographer is J. Thompson, New Street.Trinity FC

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