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Addressing Huthwaite

Market Place

Huthwaite never had ancient privilege of being granted a royal charter asserting market town status, such as Mansfield by Henry III in 1227. Without any appropriate trading license to establish an open marketplace, a commonly accepted addressing for relatively modern Market Street businesses simply extended to this frontal ground. Despite name and acknowledging a few wheeled barrow vendors regularly featured here, they were discouraged and ultimately denied a fixed market stall by successive councils.

Past reasoning why this area remained undeveloped because The Pool defied constructors must now be refuted. Easily accepted explanations describing uncontrolled readiness to heavily puddle water here, may still be justified beneath larger area recognising The Falls, all evidently based from anciently allocating this small parcel of waste land to permit free common use for livestock.

Hucknall Green

Mapping Mansfield Manor's circa 1800 Sutton Forest Enclosures shows a triangulated area given specific reference to a Hucknall Green as part of broader Fulwood Commons. Division into three allotments numbering 10 to 12 identifies south west corner allotted to John Ward, and south east made to Charles Ellis. North corner was awarded to Sutton-in-Ashfield Surveyors of Highways, so its shaped area might have suggested a potential Hucknall Square, until recognising a less appropriately named open Market Place.


The Green made way for gradual residential expansion on the two private allotments. Number 12 on west corner impressively sited a very grand dwelling displaying 1829 date stone facing Blackwell Road. Furthermore mapped in 1835 were two initial properties on allotment 11 made to Ellis. Sale of 1829 buildings once belonging a group including Charles and Samuel Ellis could even infer pooling of property investors. Anyway, later construction filling south east corner ended up losing all older styled street premises.



Properties topmost that original left row nearest natural puddling of water, were later offered historic description known as Ellispool. An influential John Boot settled his professionally acclaimed family of mineral surveyors here after his father founded a Methodist following that built their 1815 Wesleyan chapel upon outer north corner. William Hill's marriage extended Ellispool housing to run the first Huthwaite Post Office service, where these rear yards equipped for brewing ale, were likewise utilised by Mr Lowe.


Market Place Address

Piping underground water works enabled rapid village expansion around this centralised hub, keeping a well established open area clear for occasional larger public gatherings. Throughout those happier featured events, the term square-bashing by army recruits emphasises more descriptive naming could have better recognised a Huthwaite Village Square. Nonetheless, the known Market Place had already asserted modern residential address for NG17 2QX, since building this short row of 1887 back to back terracing.

RE06004040101 Housing

Mr A Stones stands in middle doorway beneath signing. Arthur was my mothers grandfather, who'd converted his new front parlour into a cobblers shop featuring a collection of singing caged birds. A Mansfield Building Society sub-branch next fitted larger display window. That last financial closure following robbery witnessed take over by accountant offices, adding current 2011 renaming.


Replacing 1932 public tram route with regular 101 omnibus services raised some Market Place complaints. Bus drivers quickly saw it allowed them room for easily turning vehicles around just beyond a Sutton Road Terminus. Huthwaite Urban Councillors agreed it wouldn't just be far safer, it gave purposeful reason tidying up an infrequently used barren plot. Placing bus stop shelters on Market Street barely improved the look, but still allowed hugely popular Whitsuntide crowds to flood over the flattened layout.

Modernisation enforced far broader 1960s clearance of all substandard premises under Sutton-in-Ashfield District Council control. Loss of Ellispool furthermore exposed entire length these grounds, although a great deal of social changes accepted how the Market Place gradually lost all use for ever rarer gatherings. Curiously relocating a newly styled bus stop towards Main Street, they left a disused WWII air raid bunker with chained up gate trying to stop urgent needs and even amorous couplings of young adults.

Car Park Layout

Forming a larger 1974 Ashfield District Council indicates year towards showcasing their present car park layout. A wall mounted plaque gifted in memory of Malcolm Lee, County Councillor for Huthwaite 1973 - 1983 realises attention through Nottinghamshire authority finally managed to improve village appearance, especially for greeting bus arrivals on a newly numbered 1 service.

Market Place07122617

Finally removing the old air raid shelter opened room for an exit road cornering the Market Club. A raised garden introduced some colour, and still manages annually siting a traditional Christmas tree. The Market Place now only invites a small church gathering for ceremoniously switching on those tree lights. Layout was partly designed to stop crowds, particularly youth gangs.

Market Place04111303

Prioritising modern demands for free safe car parking space becomes ever more appreciated off vehicle congested roads. South east street corner was refilled by 1980s housing. Those facing the Market Place overlooked room made through first decade of 2000 introducing a communal bottle bank recycling centre predating all coloured household wheelie bin collections.

060825012003 0302080203021002

Bordering trees finds one is planted as a memorial to the work of Councillor David Ayres, Ashfield District Council 1979 - 1999. It seems only fair therefore to mention our past County Cllr David Kirkham played a keen influential role in presenting a tidier looking Huthwaite. Superior 2003 blocked pavements aided pedestrian safety before they demanded a one way street to ease crossing.


Motorists should of course understand that turning Market Street into a 2010 one way system still provides a Market Place entry and exit point, when it did reverse original Main Street exit route cornered by Huthwaite Market Club into the current main entrance aside the 2016 renamed Market Inn.


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