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The principle lane branching northward off the main through road towards a "Top End Farm" had no need for addressing when full length the future Main Street had clearly become the centre of a rural 18th century Hucknall-under-Huthwaite. It ran alongside dirty waste lands of Fulwood Common also defined by John Chapman's 1774 highly detailed survey, before an 1794 Act to enclose Sutton-in-Ashfield Commons and Waste lands promoted its significance as the main hub linking most forthcoming developments.

Main Street has for obvious reasons become one of the most common UK addresses. But it wasn't first choice in Hucknall-under-Huthwaite. Having extended this pathway from laying a straight New Fulwood Road through southern commons, consideration was given continuing that wider surface further northward along an old footpath towards Skegby. Additional residential construction of worker homes between existing farms lining west side, were instead firstly found given 1881 census address on Town Street.

1801 1835

Town street seems to briefly next separate short southern section between busier crossroads. Fully featuring the historic length of Main Street is therefore split into three distinct sections following northerly west side plus later east side developments.

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