Edwardian Confectionery

The Huthwaite Toffee Factory and Shop

(or locally pronounced Tuffy Factree)

Toffee ShopEdwardian Confectionery
Sweet Factory Shop
Barker Street, Huthwaite, Notts.,
NG17 2LJ   Tel: (01623) 554712

Company name may well continue reflecting how they still use traditional machinery to finish an artful hand manufacturing process creating various confectionery. But Mrs Shirley Ward shares knowledge that it was her father Alan and his brother Harold Edwards who started running this small family named factory.

Huthwaite used to have a few other sweet makers associated with their own local shops. Listed among a 1932 commercial directory however, and addressed among pit houses at 183 Sutton Road, is one of many home run businesses first identifying Mrs Henrietta Sarah Elizabeth Edwards as a confectioner. Confirming a related grandmother clearly suggests that while her miner husband held employment at New Hucknall Colliery, Henrietta had founded her own family trade, which led two sons into setting up a joint venture.

The original Barker Street factory jointly run by Alan Edwards and Harold Edwards, apparently made way for two later fronting bungalows. Entrance between those leads to the rear white building, which is where the works were relocated utilising old army Nissan huts. It dates from around same year Huthwaite Secondary School opened directly behind in 1960. That school has since been adopted for the John Davis Primary children, and there's sure to be some parents now familiar with passing the minty aroma which enticed us to occasional treats in the Toffee or Tuffy Factory counter, plus watching the sugary work in progress.

Edwardian Confectionery was most successfully founded with exports once to the British Colonies, while it continues to supply national markets way beyond Huthwaite. The Edwards brothers sold off the company around 1986, although its new owner wisely kept the widely trusted name. Long service was known given by local workers and shared between some family members. Current staff add number to those who would be able to proudly share tasty memory of times when working at this very sweet profession.

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