Historic Huthwaite Schools

Council / New Street / John Davies Schools

Larger Council schools were opened in 1902, comprising two separate buildings. The one shown directly on New Street schooled earliest infant classes aged from five years. John Davis Juniors All juniors aging from years eight to eleven moved up into a bigger school shown behind.John Davis Infants

These were built by, and thus initially referred to as the Local Council Schools. They became more often addressed as the New Street Schools during years also hosting various adult evening classes, including colliery safety training for those seeking jobs mining New Hucknall. Councillor John Davis is recognised also among the 1930s, becoming a local magistrate, and then a County Councillor. It was in memory of his influential services that both tied buildings afterwards became jointly named the John Davis Schools.

Infants playground above shows their headmistress Miss Dennis, alongside a very familiar Huthwaite face, Recognising the long serving primary teacher Miss Bailey extends her own influential family name. One brother named Mr J W Bailey BSc formerly held post of assistant master at these Council Schools. July 1932 noting return after three years in Constantinople from assistant master in an English High School.

Combined use of all three Huthwaite schools mentioned so far continued to see full 1921 implementation of raising minimum leaving ages from 12 to 14 years. But the press published figures in 1933 showing Huthwaite scholars totalling 1206 back in 1912 had vastly diminished over the past 25 years towards 853. Such a disbelieved fact would likely confirm fateful reason for closing the aging Blackwell Road school.

Elliott It promoted New Street School into accommodating all junior aged Huthwaite pupils. Primary intake through both New Street Infants and Common Road fed enlarged classroom numbers throughout our years. All classrooms contained mixed sex, the only separation ever being for sporting PE or play ground breaks. Hearing shrill squealing of the elder children at playtime is well remembered coming over the wall below our first family home upon end Main Street.

Annual sports days initially made use of the nearby Huthwaite Park grounds. Managing to purchase an adjacent plot of land then afforded a grassed pitch enclosed within school gates; encouraging athletics.

One junior school teacher is particularly remembered for having successfully coached their football teams. Mr Rawlstone gave long service, firstly under Headmaster Mr Johnson and in my school years Mr Goulding. A Mr Taylor appears finally heading the school among faces presented in the teachers gallery, dating beyond and long before some of those personally recalled being Mrs Clarke, Mrs Cooper and Mr Bundy.

These schools were closed by 1977 county cutbacks, when Notts Education fully adopted a comprehensive system. A redundant Huthwaite Secondary Modern school would then begin catering for Huthwaite Infant classes, also transferring old school name of John Davis into that larger and newer Barker Street school.

Shown from year 2002 is the former junior school building, turned into John Davis Workshops. Security fencing has since aimed to keep out children, although entrance through a Main Street gate did welcome parental access for younger nursery ages into a newly built Kids Club. Its sited below a car park upon what had been the schools grassed sports field. That business enterprise has recently seen 2013 closure, after losing several industrial users from the workshops all singly commandeered by builders K.J Bryan Ltd. Kids ClubWorkshops

Little external difference is visible directly off New Street for the former primary school building. Removing front gated railings afforded car access into rear parking upon its playground area, when Ashfield District Council presented conversion for 1982 opening of a Huthwaite Leisure Centre, managed since by SLM Ltd. Leisure CentreLeisure Centre

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