Historic Huthwaite Schools

Huthwaite Road / Sutton Westbourne School

My parents are shown among that generation ending secondary education in the Huthwaite Road school. It actually started off being a temporary wooden structure, simply capable of classing an overflow of nearby Sutton Infants. Sutton School Managers were declined future use beyond July 1915, allowing two years to erect a planned permanent school. Instead of 500, they elected to accommodate 740. So it turned out that this rather substantial building nearest Huthwaite did have rooms to spare when needing to add Huthwaite secondary year tuitions. Afterwards reverting back into a regular school named Westbourne, but axed under county closures, that roadside property stands in use since for adults as part of West Notts College.

Former Sutton Council School Class II

Council School

Introducing state Secondary education became cause of bitter concern among Huthwaite residents. A lack of available schoolrooms demanded that elder Huthwaite pupils should travel to Sutton in order to finish their extended education up to age 15. A few parents may even have felt aggrieved at delay sending their youngsters out to earn a living. Majority however, felt it unjust that children should need to make journeys to the nearest allocated Huthwaite Road school, and under new threat of air raids. Difficulty for many working families was affording public bus fares, or school meals, so requiring time for twice daily returns for dinner.

Arguements raged especially over fact how the earlier closed Blackwell Road school still stood unused. In mass protest, many refused to send children into school, leading to a great number of residents becoming summoned at Mansfield Petty Court for permitting non attendance. Result is revealed from October 1940 when councillors reached decision to start a school bus service. Although restricting discount fares beyond a certain radius, a Huthwaite based Leah brothers ended up company winners by gaining that bus contract.

Lesser known among Huthwaite are reported details about a plot previously purchased by the 1912 Urban District Council in readiness for requiring another school. Because it didn't span latest allotted acreage demanded by Education Ministers, instead prestigiously presenting a Beech Avenue bungalow scheme.

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