Historic Huthwaite Schools

Huthwaite Secondary Modern / Barker Street School

December 1945 dates a government circular, controvertially telling local authorities to think towards terms of a tripartite education system. Title basically split years into three defined stages, introducing a significant 11 plus examination for juniors ending stage two. Despite a ranked marking system throughout each term, this one exam arguably claimed ability to measure higher IQ potential. Passing enabled senior stage three choice into grammar schooling. Otherwise, majority generally entered Secondary Modern subjects.

Erecting a modern styled prefab building at far end of Barker Street in 1960 finally fulfilled all Huthwaite's basic requirements for education. This Secondary Modern School was certainly realised to become main destination upon reaching senior age for at least 80% of us coming later from John Davis.

Secondary ModernTeachers and subjects I recall from leaving a 1976 fifth form (by subject interest)
Mr Potter - Headmaster
Mr Woodfield - Technical Drawing/Woodwork
Mr Jenson - English
Miss Race - Mathematics / PE
Mr Naylor - Science
Miss Clemment - Arts and Craft
Mr Southall - Geography / PE
Mr Smith - Humanities / History
Mr Amos - Assist Head / Gardening / French
Mrs Wass - Relious Knowledge (C-of-E)
Mr Mawkeye - Temp Metalwork

Staging an annual play for a parental audience must have become a school tradition for final term students, through artful productions arranged by Mr David Smith. He offers this reminder of our 1976 performance, in which I played a frontal role narrating introduction for the scenes entitled "The Way We Were". Admittedly, my youthful years gained more interest about the future. But this topic was certainly applauded by an older audience, and sentiment of looking back on better times can now be much more appreciated through age. Way We Were1976

Raising school leaving ages to 16 added a fifth form term for the prior year destined to leave in 1975. They'd been allocated space upon the top floor landing for a leisure room, helpfully equipped by the Parents and Teachers Association for use between lessons. It seems the year following us would be last to enjoy those adult facilities, because 1977 term also ended the Secondary Modern system leaving this senior Barker Street school redundant. Transfer into a full comprehensive system included some of the former secondary teachers, when integrating all Huthwaite pupils ever since under an Ashfield School at Kirkby-in-Ashfield.

Barker Street / John Davis School

John Davis Infants

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