Classing Huthwaite Schools

All Saints InfantsAll Saints School
Church of England Infants
Common Road, Huthwaite,Notts.,
NG17 2JR   Tel: (01623) 459199

Built 1891 atop Commonside this uniquely remains partly funded by the Anglian Church of England for classing some of the youngest pupils with traditional introduction before joining newest provided classrooms. Its naming reflected 1903 dedication with the facing parish church.

John Davis PrimaryWoodland View Primary
Primary & Nursery School
Barker Street, Huthwaite, Notts.,
NG17 2LH   Tel: (01623) 487087

The original Barker Street building opened 1960 fulfilling need for a Huthwaite Secondary School. A major 1997 re-organisation kept those modern spacious grounds, transferring all John Davis pupils when closing New Street infant and juniors, until its own 2016 demolition. Current name since reflects an entirely new structure.

Ashfield District SchoolsNottinghamshire County Council Educational Services

Localised state education here all passed onto Notts County Council Educational services. Their website contains fullest listing of all the areas schools detailing information regarding contacts, school terms, Ofsted reports and performance tables. They inherited a grammar and secondary modern school system. A major 1977 revision closed many smaller schools upon full introduction of the present comprehensive schooling. That reshuffle once again left Huthwaite pupils without localised facilities, journeying from even younger age into larger senior Schools.

Ashfield Comprehensive SchoolAshfield Comprehensive
Kirkby Comprehensive School
Sutton Rd, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Notts.,
NG17 8HP   Tel: (01623) 455001

Nottinghamshire's first purpose built comprehensive school opened in 1964. The self-contained 40 acre rural campus is fully equipped following 1998 designation into Technology College status, and since 1977 has provided secondary education for most Huthwaite children, with a school Bus service providing several pickup points.

Sutton Centre Community CollegeSutton Centre School
6th Form Academy & Adult College
High Pavement, Sutton in Ashfield,
Notts, NG17 1EE   Tel: 08458 405500

Opened in 1973 when classrooms introduced a radically new method for self tutorial type teaching. Integrated as part a much larger sports and leisure complex, Sutton Centre Community College once catered for around 960 pupils aged 11-18, before recognising Academy status.

West Notts CollegeWest Notts College
School Academy & Adult College
Ashfield Centre, Huthwaite Road, Sutton,
Notts, NG18 3HD   Tel: 0808 100 3626

Starting out as a temporary wooden structure to school Sutton Infants, Sutton Councillors were required to erect this permanent building before 1915. Between 1940 and 1960 it additionally introduced secondary classes, after reverting back named Westbourne School. Closure since presents a satellite college from a main newer Mansfield.

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