Lost Pubs and Licensed Bars

WorkiesWorkpeoples Inn

Chesterfield Road, Huthwaite, NG17 2PY

Closed & Sold Aug 2010

Quickest makeover seen. Opening 2011 a Tesco store.

HartThe White Hart

1 Main Street, Huthwaite, NG17 2QW

Closed Nov 2009

Major rework through 2011 with planning permission for conversion into a shop front business plus several flats.

MinersThe Miners Arms

Blackwell Road, Huthwaite

Believed originally being the pit managers residence that faced the old colliery and "Pit Row" housing, from which it gained familiar local reference long run by Mrs Yates. A successful makeover renamed it Godfreys, until dining extensions recalled The Miners. After several takeovers it finally closed Feb 2008, and last sold for private use.

Top EndWhite Lion

160 Main Street, Huthwaite, NG17 2LG

Locally known as the "Top End", it was sold 2002 after extending into a lively pub restaurant. Several managers reopened attempting pub food with shortening success, until boarded up again 2006 for its final standing closure. Purchased 2009 by Structural Fireproofing Systems ltd, its been extensively renovated and opens March 2013 as the 19th hole for the Brierley Forest Golf Club house.

ShoulderShoulder of Mutton

Blackwell Road, Huthwaite

Closure came 2002, ending the "Shoulders" claim being one of Huthwaites longest run pubs since first named on Hopkin Lane.   Building renovations has since built into a private club house suiting Ashfield Hells Angels, who may still invite a musical monthly open night.

PortlandPortland Arms

Sutton Road, Huthwaite

Appearing firstly called "The Gate", familiar renaming as the "Portland" honoured our titled Duked Manor Lords as the major landowners.   Sudden 2000 demolition lost this historic landmark on the old village border, once facing a windmill atop Mill Lane many years before our past Lyric.

TuteNew Hucknall Institute

Newcastle Street, Huthwaite

Built by the New Hucknall Colliery company 1893 costing £1000 with reading and function rooms.   Commissioned by two world wars as the Drill Hall, the extended "Tute" suffered after the mines closure, standing derelict on Newcastle Street for some years before fire damage thwarted renovation attempts leading 1992 demolition.

SwanWhite Swan

Swan Yard, Hucknall Huthwaite

Generations before me do recall "Swan Yard" where games of horseshoe tossing were last seen played off Main Street.   A license transfer in 1956 opened some new Warsop pub, before fully demolishing yards atop a replacement Swanson Avenue housing scheme.

Clam & BostClam´n Bost

Sutton Road, Below Huthwaite Library

Designed lecture rooms beneath Huthwaite library have seen multiple uses through time.   Around 1960s it has been fondly recalled hosting many local dances locally called Clam´n Bost while serving alcohol to host private parties and weddings. Addressed the Undercroft in later years, vandalised closure ended Youth Club hopes.

Billiards SiteBilliard Hall

Sutton Road, Huthwaite

Proposals for a New Billiard Hall were made by Messrs. Barker & Hepworth in 1922. Identified 1941 then run by Cooper and Hepworth, only a past few could ever recall affording youthful use of this licensed premises. Cleared site established a busier Huthwaite Plumbing Supplies.

Royal Oak YardThe Royal Oak

Hopkin Lane, Hucknall-under-Huthwaite

Those who recalled the old "Royal Oak yard" claimed naming was carved above a cottage doorway. Service is now found, listed 1894 where Thomas Thompson ran a beerhouse, plus a photo where just revealed on right it once stood aside the Shoulder before present Garage.

EllispoolTravellers Rest / Crown

Market Place, Hucknall Huthwaite

One Ernald Lakin photograph captures building known as Ellispool before demolition, where he claimed once served the "Crown Inn". But it was owned by William Hill, who recalled years around 1855 when firstly assisting his Uncle Stemson at setting up a home brewery in rear yard, serving their alehouse called the Travellers Rest.

Written 01 Apr 02 Revised 04 Sep 14 © by Gary Elliott