Huthwaite Library

Library 15 Aug 2007

Huthwaite Carnegie Free Library

Sutton Road,
Notts.,   NG17 2NG
Tel: (01623) 554051

Notts County Council Libraries

County libraries may be cross categorised as both educational or recreational centers. Ours displays 1912 on a titled stone, which recognises funding from Andrew Carnegie.

Huthwaite Urban District Councillors opened their public library on 12th April 1913. All our county library services and schools later became a direct higher concern for Nottinghamshire Council. Reaching towards 90 years of service our building retained much of its original design. Exception being given for adding safer ramped access, plus timely internal furnishings and decor after relocating a brighter open reception area.

Plans for introducing computers with public internet access represented the next progressive leap forward into the 21st century. By 2002 however, the dated and cold looking interior clearly needed more than a lick of paint. Tired window frames were letting through more draughts than light, and with other structural needs to ensure comfort and safety of both equipment and users, the aging building demanded a full revamp.

Central Reception DeskChildrens Corner 2002Main Section 2002

The interior views were last seen October 2002 before closure. Developments witnessed from March 2003 reveal new windows and entrance doors, before lighting and alarms added evidence of progressions.

19 March 200319 March 200320 October 2003

2004 Reopening

Results were not finally unveiled until March 2004.   Marking near completion of a lengthy transformation came the rebuilding of front access ramps, clearly inviting internal inspections before fitting a new roof in 2006. A fresher interior helps present a comfortable warm atmosphere beneath those high ceilings.   Open plan layout is again loosely divided between study, reference and a children's play area. Positioned central are the computer terminals providing a future focus for global research, entertainment and communication.

Reception April 2004Information 2004Computers 2004Newer Books 2004Fiction 2004Childrens Area 2004

Friendly staff assistance may introduce those unfamiliar with computers or internet web sites, which leaves no excuses for all family members viewing and sharing knowledge about this village website addressing

Thanks expressed to Notts County Council Libraries and staff who granted photographic permission.

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