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Earliest found indication of medicinal drugs having been locally prescribed dates from February 1790 appointment of Samuel Wilson and his wife from Hucknall Huthwaite. Awarded an annual salary of £10 on becoming Overseers of the Sutton-in-Ashfield Workhouse, their agreement included: He is likewise to act in his professional business as surgeon and apothecary for all the poor of this parish gratis, ....

Samuel's agreement suggests he held a prior surgical practice in Huthwaite, not yet demanding qualified doctorates. Unfortunately, earliest 19th century commercial directories do not identify if any professional medical interests existed at all in Hucknall Huthwaite, not even the historic association of Barber Surgeons.


By time Buckland & Parr are first identified in 1881, older name of apothecary has been replaced by either a loosely termed Druggist or a more specialised Chemist. 1895 Drug Store Their partnership shares those separated titles through 1888, until Edward Parr asserts himself in 1889 as a Huthwaite chemist amongst multiple titles, then widely ranging from Seedsman to Rate Collector plus Burial Board Registrar. That same year adds Henry Bailey, again classed in twinned professions of both Druggist and Chemist at another East Kirkby store.

There's no obvious difference to best define closely tied services, except perhaps that a druggist shop offered a broader variety. This informative 1895 advert for a newly opened Sutton Drug Stores was discovered by chance on rear side a family held press clipping by David Egginson. It reveals a good example of range between cosmetics to fresh leeches. Familiar enough items, continually supplied through any respectable Chemist. Perhaps tooth extraction is one additional service, which could have involved drugging patients with pain killers.

Nonetheless, interestingly noted formerly under the late Edwin Buckland, it could well recognise aforementioned partnership with Edward Parr. He's revealed again in 1900, credited that time with running both a drug store and Shoulder of Mutton pub. Some may find that combination rather amusing, although predating known general acceptance affording recreational drugs.


Trusted name throughout a 20th century for medicines were Chemists. A 1913 Insurance Act introduced free prescriptions when issued by a registered doctor and dispensed by qualified registered chemists. The first found Huthwaite chemist filling this criteria recognises Henry Highfield in 1912. His Market Place shop is better addressed at 13 Market Street when, in 1932 another recognised name appears on the Bottoms.Spaanderman John Pieter Derrick Spaanderman established what long remained the Huthwaite chemist on Sutton Road. Spaanderman Miss Mary Goodall also ran a small chemists from her pit house just a few doors along Sutton Road at number 189. Both businesses are found listed in the last Kelly's 1941 directory, but Miss M Goodall won recognition in the Chemist & Druggist magazine November 9th 1957. They awarded her £100 for issuing their Grand Prize Winners entry form in a photo competition, claimed incidentally by Ernald Lakin. Advert for Spaanderman from a local 1958 program introduces future Pharmacy title. Its large windowed frontage cornering New Fall Street long continued dispensing prescriptions, while affordably supplying film rolls and photo developing services.


Purchase, then 1992 demolition of New Hucknall Miners Institute realised a personal investment by one Huthwaite practitioner of the time, Dr Smith. The cleared corner site eventually added Newcastle Street housing, but firstly resituated the Sutton Road Chemists onto New Street, under latest sign of Pharmacy.Miners WelfareHuthwaite Pharmacy

Huthwaite Peak Pharmacy

The Huthwaite Health Centre moved off New Street into new premises called Brierley Park Medical Centre in June 2013. Adjacently incorporated and sharing that same 127 Sutton Road address, is where Peak Pharmacy has also been relocated since opening their new Huthwaite Pharmacy shop in September 2013.

Brierley Park Medical CentrePeak Pharmacy

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